Saturday, March 11, 2006

Democratic Message for 2006: Found

Eleanor Clift has a pleasant read in Newsweek for anyone who isn't a Bush apologist and it may just hand the Democrats at least part of that message they've been looking for.

I would like to spend the morning expanding on some of her points, but my 12-yr-old wants to go shopping at
Birkdale in Huntersville, NC., so my morning will be spent shopping for new gym shorts at Dick's and books at Barnes and Noble.

However, after reading this piece one thing jumped out at me and sent shivers running up and down my spine. I knew we were borrowing from China. I knew it was in the billions. I didn't know it was several billion dollars a day. Clift has this to say:

We have a huge budget deficit that requires the federal government to borrow several billion a day, mostly from central banks in China and other Asian nations, and yet we have a government that doesn’t seem to be very worried about this.

Several billion dollars a day from China.

Several billion dollars a day from China.

China owns us. We almost lost management of our ports to a country that has supported the Taliban, though I'm sure other than that they are lovely people...just lovely. Hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest land is up for a proposed sale - talk about handing over the family jewels! We owe how many billions to China?

Let's just hope they don't call the loan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democratic message should be, "Republicans brag about hating government. So, what do you get when you hire people to help run something you hate?" Katreina, Ports in the hands of Oil Embargo sponsors (remember that one?), lobbying scandels, CIA agents spitefully outed, ......

6:53 AM EST  
Blogger B. Muse said...

That hate government and they stink at governing. You got it!

10:26 AM EST  

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