Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ethics Challenge to Conyers

First, I do not condone what Conyers is accused of having done. If he did it, he probably should be admonished by the ethics committee.

However, DeLay has been admonished 3 times for far more serious breeches of the rules and is under indictment for money laundering and under investigation for other crimes. Duke Cunningham just went to jail for accepting bribes and he was never admonished.

If you put these two on a balance which is worse? Bribery or babysitting. While all sins may be equal in the eyes of God, the eyes of man see things in a little different light. So which is worse? Bribery. Babysitting. Bribery. Babysitting.

The GOP will make hay out of this, denying that one is worse than the other. Leave it to them to try and play God.


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