Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This rant is in reference to a CNN article linked to below.

You want choice in an unplanned pregancy? I'll do you one better. You can choose the fucking condom. Men have had all the choices for most of the history of this fucking world and now you're whining because you want to opt out of financially supporting a child your girlfriend said she couldn't bear.

Please go read this amazing bit of whining. Women have all the choices. Bull.Fucking.Shit. You had a choice. You had several choices. First you chose premarital sex. Then you chose unprotected sex. You had two very, very important choices before you knocked up your girlfriend. IT'S NOT LIKE THE SMALL PIDDLY SQUAT SHIT AMOUNT OF CHILD SUPPORT YOU WILL PAY WILL COVER RAISING A CHILD. Stop acting like a victim. I learned a term that perfectly covers someone like you. WATB. Whiney.Ass.Titty.Baby. (Thank you, Jane)

Wait, wait, please tell me I'm not reading this. You can't make this shit up. Some poor dumbass fell for the oldest trick in the book. Oh.My.God. He should have to pay double the child support just for being so stupid. He should have to pay triple if he passes the stupid gene on to the kid.

Gonna spell it out for you buddy. You get lucky and put your penis in. You cut loose the little sperm and one of them gets lucky and finds a ripe egg. AND BADDA BING, you're going to be a daddy. If you aren't responsible enough to wear a condom then too fucking bad! If you got tricked then be lucky there isn't a fine for stupidity in this country. (Not a bad idea, though. George Bush could pay off the deficit with his fines alone.)

So, this amazingly stupid WATB wants to bring some awareness to men not wanting to be financially responsible for their errant sperm? As if millions of women didn't already know this? He wants to bring awareness to men not having choices? What planet does he live on? Somebody pull this poor kids head out of his ass. This is just pathetic.

Update: I was going to pull this, this morning. When I read it again I thought I should leave it up because it was an honest angry response to the CNN article. The man and his attorney wanted to open the debate and here's my take on it - language and all.

Update 2: Also, I will admit that there are women who will intentionally get pregnant without the consent of their partner. I also think this is horribly wrong but my response is still the same. Condoms. Use Condoms.


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