Sunday, January 29, 2006

Glenn Greenwald Follows up and Through

Glenn Greenwald has another excellent post about the NSA illegal wiretap debacle. Here's just a little snippet. My advice is to visit Glenn's site and read it all.

Obviously, the assumption of Sens. DeWine, Schumer, and Kyl was that it actually mattered what FISA said because FISA was the law that governed the scope of the Administration’s eavesdropping powers. Of course, we now know that while the Senate was debating all sorts of proposed changes to FISA in order to expand the Administration’s eavesdropping powers, it actually did not matter at all what FISA said, because the Administration had decided that it could do whatever eavesdropping it wanted regardless of whether FISA allowed or prohibited that eavesdropping.

Glenn is doing great work on this issue. The President is breaking the law. There is no doubt about it. The big question is where do we go from here. How do we get this to translate into impeachment proceedings. November 2006 could be a long wait. How many civil liberties might be stripped from us before that date? The midterm elections are far more important to the American people than they are to the American President.


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