Sunday, January 29, 2006

They Still Don't Get It

Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post is having a difficult time winding his small mind around the real facts about Democrats. It isn't the base that is trying to bring centrist Democrats to the left. It is the illegal actions of President Bush and the corrupt and morally bankrupt Republicans who are driving us much further left than many of us would normally go.

VandeHei, affectionately known as the White House pool boy at FireDogLake, is notorious for spouting Republican talking points. Jane Hamsher at FDL said the article totally missed the point. Hamsher also said she was, " pleasantly suprised that it was relatively free of his normal slavish fabrications and rabid shrine-to-Tom-Delay fellatio." VandeHei's wife once worked for Tom DeLay.

So, we are expecting objectivity from this guy?


Blogger eric said...

Thanks for playing the victim card again...
I am not trying to defend the Republicans but blaming Bush for "driving" you further left???
C'mon, that's like blaming your crazy inlaws for driving you to drink!
Get with the program and use your own legs to stand on - not someone else's back.

3:10 AM EST  

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