Tuesday, January 17, 2006

O'Beirne's Book is Buried in Back

After reviewing the choice of cover art of Mrs. O'Beirne's new book that blames all the world's woes on feminism, I decided that if I was going to ever seriously refute Mrs. O'Beirne's claims that feminists are to blame for the reason why little boys can't read and big boys can't maintain an erection, I would have to break down, purchase and read this vile collection of crap.

I don't like purchasing from Amazon so thought I would visit my local Books-A-Million to find the book. I drove to Concord Mills Mall, North Carolina's most popular tourist attraction (Oh God I'm so proud) where I was sure that I would see the book on the big table in front where most new releases are found. I was pretty certain it would not be in their long display window reserved for the top ten to 15 best sellers and it wasn't. I looked on all three tables and the front end-caps to see if I could find the book. It wasn't there. I walked along the other display window where displays of featured books can be found. It wasn't there either.

I began to get a little excited thinking that maybe they wouldn't have the book and I could delay the agony of buying it. After wandering down the middle path in this very large, open book store and not seeing the book I decided to ask for some help. While the clerk was very sympathetic to my plight she indeed confirmed that they carried the book and proceeded to lead me to the social science area toward the back of the store. Indeed, there was the book on an end-cap facing the back of the store buried in with new book by Fred Barnes. Nine of the ten copies they had in stock were present and accounted for. They are still there.

My first impression upon picking the book up in my gloved hand is that it was very thin and very light. I have paid $25 for a decent sized book before, but not something that could be finished in less than an hour. While there were a few pages of footnotes I didn't find large numbers of data tables offering proof of O'Beirne's assertions. I was expecting to see scientific research somewhere in the book and not references to other people's work.

I have read almost every article I can find by Mrs. O'Beirne. I have read transcripts of interviews with her and by her. I will admit up front that I doubt Mrs. O'Beirne and I could agree on the color of the sky, but I was willing to purchase and read her book in order to give it a proper review. My impression of the cover still stands and I believe the cover is her book's worst enemy. My impression of the book after holding it and reading a few pages is that it has less to offer than most people might think. A few pages of footnotes does not prove her assertions. As a consumer I certainly would not pay the $24.95 being asked at the book store even if it were a book I really wanted to purchase. I am still waiting for the new Bill Maher book to come out in paperback. (September 2006)

My library doesn't have this book yet. It is rare that they get a new release unless it is a best seller that they can rent out for the first several months. My next stop is Barnes and Noble's internet store. I will also check the closest B&N to see how it has the book displayed. I will have the book purchased by the end of the week so I can begin to give it a proper review.


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