Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Holding Their Feet to the Fire

I haven't posted much over the past week, but I have been busy working on some research involving FEC filings. Quite a bit has happened in the traditional media with Deborah Howell's fiasco, Chris Matthews comparing Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden and then there's Tim Russert saving a question about an African American for an African American. You know they all know each other, right? Timmeh sure stepped in it.

If you aren't up on all the week's happenings I suggest a visit to FireDogLake. Jane, Redd and their regulars will fill you in. You can also find out a bit more by reading up at the sites developed to show the love to these fine journalists. Stop by An Open Letter to Chris Matthews, An Open Letter to Tim Russert, and the new Washington Post feedback blog and let them know just how much you appreciate the fine work they do.


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