Sunday, January 29, 2006

America is Ready for Democratic Leadership

In a Washington Post article this morning Dan Balz reviews the midterm challenges of President Bush. Will the State of the Union speech scheduled for Tuesday night deliver the punch the Republicans need to change the momentum of public opinion? I doubt it. There have simply been too many scandals. Even many Republicans are tired of the mess in Washington.

A month ago I was chanting, "It's the war stupid", along with everyone else. Now, the war is just one item on a laundry list of what is wrong with Republican rule. The war has been joined by Plamegate and Scooter Libby's indictment, the Abramoff/GOP lobby scandal, Tom DeLay's indictment, David Safavian's indictment, Duke Cunningham's guilty plea, Medicare prescription plan debacle, illegal wiretap debate and investigations into several other Republican members of Congress in conjunction with these scandals. It's a wonder we haven't stormed the gates of the White House or the chambers of the Senate and House of Representatives.

We are tired. We are saddened that our great country is no longer held in high respect around the world. We are scared, not of terrorists, but of our own government. We are ready for change. For many of us, the midterm elections being held this November can't arrive soon enough. This movement has gone beyond those sitting on the left fringes and has included all who believe we need a change in Washington. We are united in our goal to restore honor to our government and to the United States of America.

From the Washington Post:
The poll also shows that the public prefers the direction Democrats in Congress would take the country as opposed to the path set by the president, that Americans trust Democrats over Republicans to address the country's biggest problems and that they strongly favor Democrats over Republicans in their vote for the House.

This is what many of us have known for some time and the polls are finally showing. The challenge now is bringing this movement to the people who don't read the Post or political blogs. It isn't enough to say you want change. You have to be willing to fight for it. In this country that doesn't mean taking to the streets armed to overtake your government. It means getting off your butt and working for a candidate or your local party. It means getting off your butt and getting to the polls to vote on election day.

UPDATE: For those of you who like to read poll numbers for yourself to draw your own conclusions, you will find the raw poll data


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