Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sunday News Roundup

From The Washington Post: Lobbyists in Washington are already planning ways around new rules. Members of Congress running unopposed still spending large. French take to the streets to protest job descrimination. Haven't they heard of blogs? I just don't trust Rummy on his opinion of the war, do you?

From The New York Times:
Torture of detainees by U.S. forces more widespread than first believed. Republicans in Congress add private pension plans to their growing pile of fuck ups.
Illinois primary elections are on Tuesday. Is it liberals or women the extremists don't want on the Supreme Court?

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
Calf of infected cow can't be located. Don't miss their excellent coverage of the Randy "Duke" Cunningham case.

From BlueNC:
Screwy Hoolie is stirring things up in Asheville. The new GOP fundraising theme for 2006 has been uncovered. Health Care reform starts at state level. Take a look at who gets served under a Democratic administration. Just another puffy sounding wingnut group is attacking the bar association.

From U.S.A. Today: All those huge
corporate fines? Nah.....just like taxes, they don't pay those either. White House holds small pox drill and as is typical Dubya didn't show. Rummy writes an opinion piece for the WaPo saying we need to stay and finish our mission, but the Pentagon wants our troops out? Can they please get their story straight!

From Newsweek: A new
Newsweek poll shows Bush at 36% approval. That high still? So now it's the Republicans who are disorganized. Eleanor Clift thinks Feingold handed this one to the Republicans. (I usually agree with her, but not on this one.)

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National News Roundup 3/18

From The Washington Post: Carolina Wins! ....and so do NC State, Boston College and Dook. Mary Landrieu(D-La) and the Republicans vote to destroy Alaska so that New Orleans will get a few bucks. Rep. John Boehner not very different from DeLay afterall. Secret Service agents impersonate reporters from Fox News and receive verbal reprimand.

From The New York Times:
Graft in New Orleans? Nah...say it ain't so! Congress maxes out the new debt ceiling. Judges (Thank you, thank you, thank you) vote for clean air and healthy lungs by overturning a clean-air regulation of Bush administration that would have eased restrictions on pollution producing industries.

From The Tampa Tribune:
Katherine Harris takes a page from Bush and sticks to controlled campaign stops.

From Newsweek: Those who
survive are still casualties of war. Another take on the Dubai Ports World deal.

From Time: Are we ready for
mad cow? After George Bush, a mad cow should be a breeze.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

National News Roundup 3/17

From The Washington Post: Republicans in Congress revolt against the King. Now every man, woman, child, sperm and egg are in debt up to their eyeballs. Republicans whine about an abusive White House yet still don't have the balls to make the President obey the law. Ann Coulter cries about a bit of pie in her face then condones killing Supreme Court Justices. Do you think the lunatics who worship this witch were listening to her?

From The New York Times:
Republicans see the light, yet still don't have the backbone to say no to the King. They figure if they can trust Chalabi, they can trust Iran because the commanders on the ground don't have a clue. Lawyer in Moussaoui trial messes up a gimme?

From The Chicago Tribune:
Iran can't fix problems in Iran and we think they can fix problems in Iraq? Democrats still don't seem to be able to find their way out of a paper bag. Researchers making progress in investigating bird flu. (This is actually good news! Finding out how it attacks humans is the first step to figuring out a treatment/cure. No sarcasm here.)

From the San Diego Union-Tribune: Now
this would be fun! Scary times at the NCAA tournament as plastic utensils were confused for a bomb. (Poor pups probably just wanted a hot dog.) Aussie gem dealer in trouble for illegally importing fosselized dino eggs.

From Newsweek: Is
March Madness just rewarding mediocrity? Further proof that a serious romp in the sack is all the sleep aid most people need. The real hostage count in Iraq.

Operation Swarmer: because the President has to be seen as doing something about terra. Rice is threatening Russia. We soooo do not want the King's hand maiden as President down the road. Is Regime change in Iran in our future? We have a King they can have!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tits, Ass and Bush: The New GOP Fundraising Theme

If you need further proof that Republicans fear a loss of support and subsequent losses in fundraising, you need look no further. In an attempt to bolster attendance at fundraisers they've decided to have an open bar - a titty bar.

The National Republican Congressional Committee will be hosting porn star
Mary Carey at a $2500 a plate Flag Day dinner which will be attended by President Bush. Carey who says she is a Republican and a possible candidate for Lt. Governor in California hopes to get some face time with the President. The President is probably hoping for a little more than face time, but with Laura sure to be by his side, he will have to settle for cleavage.

According to
World Net Daily:

........the buxom Carey, 24, ran for California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger on a platform that included taxing breast enhancements, making lap dances tax deductible, recruiting porn stars as "ambassadors of good will" and putting Web cams up in every room of the governor's mansion.

"I'm hoping to run as lieutenant governor of California next year," Carey said. "Since Arnold [Schwarzenegger] is a Republican, I thought this dinner would be a great networking opportunity for me."

Added Carey: "I'm especially looking forward to meeting Karl Rove. Smart men like him are so sexy. I know that he's against gay marriage, but I think I can convince him that a little girl-on-girl action now and then isn't so bad!"

You can't make this shit up!

In further attempts to improve the ambiance of their fundraisers, Republicans had announced earlier this week that Jessica Simpson would be getting some face time with Majority Leader, Rep. John Boehner(R-Ohio) at another NRCC fundraiser in Washington. Simpson has ruined their tits and ass party by declining to attend. The fundraiser will now be attended by just asses.

While Simpson's political leanings aren't known, she has earned two thumbs up from this writer for declining to politicize her non-partisan charity, Operation Smile. Reuters reports this from Simpson.

"It just feels wrong," one Simpson insider told Reuters on Wednesday, adding that the actress keeps her political views private. "She would love to meet the president and talk about Operation Smile ... but she can't do it at a fund-raiser for the Republican Party."

Apparently Republicans egos were as deflated as their penises upon hearing the news. Also from Reuters:

NRCC spokesman Carl Forti said he was surprised at Simpson's position.

"It's never been a problem for Bono," he said, referring to the U2 rock star who has met regularly with political leaders of all stripes to promote various causes, including Third World debt relief. "I find it hard to believe she would pass up an opportunity to lobby the president on behalf of Operation Smile."

Well, Carl, just because Bono will whore himself for third world countries doesn't mean Simpson has to and that earns her a free plug for her group. Operation Smile is a non-profit group that provides free plastic surgery to correct facial deformities of disadvantaged children in other countries. The web site can be found here.

No offense intended to Bono. I love his music and think he's wonderful. I admire his ability to stand in the same room with war mongers, hate mongers and thugs while suppressing what must be an all-consuming need to vomit.

If the Republicans have stooped so low that they are having to bag starlets and porn stars to boost attendance at fundraisers then you know they are worried about upcoming elections. On the other hand, if
Kate O'Beirne, Kathryn Jean Lopez and Barbara Comstock were the women who usually attended your fundraisers, you'd be hiring some hookers too.

Update: Thanks to Redshift for pointing out that Bono doesn't attend GOP fundraisers to speak out for his causes. He's able to get in front of the President via an invitation to the White House. Maybe Carl Forti should call in some favors to help Ms. Simpson get this same kind of attention for her cause, or maybe Forti's too pissed that he won't be able to use her name for headlines.

National News Roundup 3/16

From The Washington Post: Republicans want to curb 527 donations but huge soft money corporate donations to their massive leadership PACS are OK. Once again proving it is all about the money. President Bush is redefining his Preemptive Strike campaign so he can include any country capable of actually pronouncing the word n-u-c-l-e-a-r properly as being a viable target. Howie Kurtz pulls his head out of his arse just long enough to convince us he really doesn't get it. Nooooo! Put it baaack, Howie. President Bush won't admit he doesn't understand how to sign people up for his new Medicare plan, so he shuffles the responsibility to their children.

From The New York Times:
The NYT still hasn't read the latest Pew Research poll and thinks the call for censure will actually rally the conservative base to protect their majority in the House. Republican Katherine Harris will spend her own money on her Senate campaign since the GOP doesn't even like her enough to back her financially. if you needed it....Further proof that our Congress is fiscally incompetent.

From The Hill:
Republicans can't even find their way out of an elevator and we want them to find our way out of Iraq? The blog bill might mean blogger opinion is worth more than it actually is.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:
Editors cut through the crap to get the headline right. The British have no sense of humor and are looking more and more like Republicans every day.

From Newsweek:
Bush vs. Insurgents - Now this oughta be good. McCain didn't like the nickname "Maverick", so he's going with "Suck-up". Yet, another Republican crook who didn't do it.

From Time:
Here's a first: Bush might add some brain to his "brain trust". Is Hillary too polarizing? Yes, now can we move on?

From BlueNC: Rep.
Robin Hayes(R-NC) hangin' out with crooks and liars. Chapel Hill has its own Drinking Liberally chapter and all are welcome. Rep. David Price (D-NC) is still the man for the 4th District.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

National News Roundup

From The Washington Post: Finally! A Democratic Senator with a spine. Don't miss this online Tourney Tracker bracket generator. Three months ago it was "Cut and Run" and now it's doable. (Pssst! It's election time.)
From The New York Times: The trial lawyer who screwed up the
Moussaoui case had almost no criminal trial experience....and she's working on one of the single most important criminal cases of our time. Wow. Senate Republicans reject Pay-go budget strategy, yet again. Utility companies bilking us LEGALLY.
From the Los Angeles Times: Moussaoui case is just one of a
string of goofs in high profile terror trials.
From BlueNC:
Rep. David Price (D-NC) goes on record in an in-depth don't-miss exclusive interview. Is there racism in school funding in Wake County? It's a Liddy Dole shakedown. The struggle for integrity in the NCGOP. The beginning of the end of Medicaid.
From U.S.A. Today: If you aren't feeling safe with
port security do NOT read this article. GOP House leaders back ethics rules for lobbyists, but give themselves a pass. Government hires contractors who are in violation of tax laws. Almost every man's dream come true. They're doing this because?????
From U.S. News & World Reports:
U.S. Ports still not safe. Bush said to be against eviscerating or emasculating members of Congress who opposed ports deal.
From Newsweek:
Hypocrisy from the Bush, really. Is abortion the new third rail for the GOP? There's fallout from the Dubai ports deal.
From Time: Bush trying to stay
relevant. Is the Bush administration serious about regime change in Iraq?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robin Hayes' Felons & Friends

When I was growing up my parents warned me about hanging out with the wrong crowd. I thought then that a person's character would be judged by their actions, but have learned through life experiences that it is many times judged by the company that a person keeps. Much can be learned about our Representatives in Washington just by looking at the company they keep, as well as who is giving them money and when.

I recently spent some time going through
six years of Robin Hayes' FEC reports to see just who among his fellow members of congress are giving him money. I was amazed to find out some of the details about Robin's friends. There were enough felons, indictees, adulterers, liars and cheaters to fill a good-sized corner of hell.

These are the people representing American citizens in Washington and these are Robin Hayes' friends. Among the group is one felon, one man under indictment, one man fined $210,000 for illegal campaign contributions, two admonished by the House Ethics Committee, four connected to defense lobbyist investigations, eight who are proven liars and five admitted adulterers. I can only imagine if Robin Hayes was more open about his associations with these people and the fact that he takes money from them, there would be quite a few voters in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District that wouldn't be lining up to join this crowd.

Most recently Hayes took contributions from 13 members of Congress who were first-time contributors to Hayes' campaign. They conveniently sent their payments in the weeks leading up to the vote on CAFTA. Remember that vote? That's the vote Robin Hayes promised not to support, but last minute pressure and possibly last minute campaign contributions convinced Hayes that he should lie to his constituents and vote with his party.

There are many, many stories to be found researching our members of Congress. I just wish more of them were about patriots and heros.