Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tom DeLay's Delay to End?

Yesterday Tom DeLay's attorney represented him in court while DeLay had lunch at the Rotary Club. Before the court is Ronnie Earle's appeal of the judge's ruling in December that one of the charges be dropped against DeLay.

DeLay and his attorney want this case to progress quickly so he can move forward with his campaign to keep his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. From
The Washington Post:
DeGuerin later told reporters the criminal case against DeLay has clearly affected not only his reign as majority leader but also his quest to win a 12th term to Congress this year. DeLay was forced to step down from his leadership post upon being indicted in September on charges stemming from the 2002 election cycle.

Not only do they want to speed the process along to benefit Mr. DeLay, but they also want to move the trial to Sugarland. I've heard of change of venue requests, but this is ridiculous.
It was unclear when the appeals court will rule. Priest is awaiting resolution of the appeal until proceeding with DeLay's trial on the money-laundering charge. Also before the trial starts, Priest will have to decide several motions by DeLay's lawyer, including a request to move the trial out of Austin to the congressman's home town of Sugar Land.
I don't anticipate this going well for Ronnie Earle. Texas is a lawless place where people can shoot a friend in the face and get away with it. They aren't going to be too concerned about elections laws after that.


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